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Fireplace Service Burnaby

Best Burnaby Gas Fireplace Service 24/7

If you Living in Burnaby B.C and searching for gas fireplace service Burnaby, gas fireplace maintenance Burnaby, gas fireplace cleaning Burnaby, gas fireplace repair Burnaby call us now, you came to the right place. At Skylimit heating and gas as a gas fireplace specialist, we can take care of all gas fireplace services in Burnaby B.C and Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley.


Fireplace Service Burnaby
Gas Fireplace Service Burnaby, Gas Fireplace Maintenance Burnaby, Fireplace Cleaning Burnaby,


Emergency Gas Fireplace Service Burnaby 24/7

Skylimit heating and gas services natural gas fireplaces, maintenance and cleaning all gas fireplace brands such as Valor, Montigo, Regency, Napolean, Heat and glow, and much more.
Call our gas fireplace specialist for all Gas Fireplace Service Burnaby, Gas Fireplace Maintenance Burnaby, Gas Fireplace Cleaning Burnaby, Gas Fireplace Repair Burnaby, and all Gas fireplace installation Burnaby Services 24/7.

Fireplace Maintenance Burnaby
Gas Fireplace Service Burnaby, Gas Fireplace Maintenance Burnaby, Fireplace Cleaning Burnaby, Fireplace Installation Burnaby Services 24/7.

24/7 Gas Fireplace Maintenance Burnaby

Probably you thinking, gas fireplaces don’t need maintenance and that’s not right.
Natural gas fireplaces need professional maintenance and cleaning once a year.
gas fireplaces produce carbon monoxide and other dangerous gas that’s invisible, tasteless, Odourless, so they can be seriously dangerous for health and safety hazards.
Make sure your gas fireplace is properly service and cleaned once a year by professional gas fitters like us, so you can enjoy the benefits of a gas fireplace without worrying about safety.
At Skylimit heating and gas we service and clean all gas fireplace types such as Valor, Montigo, Napoleon, Regency, Kingsman, Heatlator, Haet and glow and much more.

For all Gas Fireplace Maintenance Burnaby, Gas Fireplace Service Burnaby, Gas Fireplace Cleaning Burnaby you can count on our experience to take care of all fireplace services in Burnaby B.C.

Best Gas Fireplace Cleaning Burnaby 24/7

In fact, dirt and dust can build up all around the gas fireplace firebox, which can slowly impact the safety and performance of a gas fireplace.
By some light brushing and cleaning we try to clean the inside and outside of the gas fireplace during fireplace cleaning also Keep it clean with fireplace annual cleaning and inspections once a year, during fireplace cleaning we gonna clean the glass and main burner cleaning and also we clean the pilot assembly too.

Our gas fireplace technicians can clean and maintain all gas fireplace brands in Burnaby B.C, so before winter whenever if you looking for gas fireplace cleaning Burnaby or gas fireplace service Burnaby and also any emergency gas fireplace maintenance Burnaby we always ready for same-day service.

Our Gas Fireplace Cleaning Includes:

  • Gas leak check
  • Main Burner inspection and cleaning
  • Heat Exchanger inspection
  • Full diagnostic checkup
  • Thermocouple cleaning
  • Thermopile cleaning and voltage test
  • CO Gasket seal test
  • Gas Valve inspection
  • Pilot assembly and gas orifice cleaning
  • Ventilation check-up and ignition check

Common Gas Fireplace Replacement Part:

  • Thermocouple
  • Gas Control Valve
  • Thermostat
  •  Toggle switch
  • Wall switch
  • Control module
  • Electronic Igniter
  • Sparker Wiring
  • Receiver and remote control
  • Thermopile


Our Gas Fireplace Brands for Service and Maintenance

For Fireplace Service Burnaby and also Fireplace Brands Such as Valor, Myson, Montigo, Napoleon, Heat & Glo, Regency, Selkirk, Heatilator, Archgard, Kingsman and more.

The gas fireplace has real flames and even more heat, so you have to make sure your gas fireplace runs perfectly so before winter call us.

We here to service your gas fireplace and how we can keep your fireplace running at its best first and safer.


Quick response. Very knowledgeable and thoughtful service. I definitely would recommend to anybody.       Thank you very much!
Noriko Tasaka


Gas Fireplace Service Area We Work and all Fireplace Maintenance Cities We Cover

For Fireplace Service Burnaby you can see few cities such as Vancouver, Surrey, Port Coquitlam, Coquitlam, West Vancouver, Richmond, North Vancouver, and more.

Vancouver West Vancouver North Vancouver
Burnaby Richmond New Westminster
Coquitlam Mission Delta
Surrey Tsawwassen Ladner
Port Coquitlam Maple Ridge Port Moody
Abbotsford Pitt Meadows Langley
White Rock Anmore


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